COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines


COVID Screening: There will be a phone/email screening when confirming your appointment, as well as an in-person screening upon arrival at your appointment. Please review these screening questions. This screening requirement is mandatory as per our governing body, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Masks: Please come to your appointment wearing a mask. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one.

Sanitizer: We encourage everyone to use sanitizer upon entering the Studio. We will have sanitizer available for use.

Appointments: Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, as we are trying to minimize patient traffic at the office. For the time being, there will be no hanging out on our couches.

Come Alone: With the exception of your child or someone you are a caregiver for, you may no longer accompany others to/from their appointments. Likewise, our beloved Kids’ Zone is closed until further notice.

Come Hydrated: Unfortunately, we will not have our water dispenser or our in-house coffee bar for the moment; please bring your own beverage(s).

Come Cozy: Our extra precautionary gear may cause the studio to be a bit chillier than usual, and our blankets are not available for use at this time.



Do you have a fever, new onset cough, worsening chronic cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?

Have you had close contact to anyone with acute respiratory illness or who has travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 or had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Have you had two (2) or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sore throat
  • Hoarse voice
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Decrease or loss in sense of taste or smell
  • Chills
  • Headaches without known cause
  • Unexplained fatigue/Malaise
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)
  • Runny nose/Sneezing or Nasal congestion without known causes?

If you are 65 years of age or older, have you experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • Delirium
  • Unexplained or increased number of falls
  • Acute functional decline
  • or Worsening of chronic conditions?

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